Tuesday, June 28, 2011



Generally this blog will act like a photo diary composed around the general theme of fashion, food, & fun.

But before just delving in, I believe an introduction is necessary (not really, but whatever).

I have been thinking about starting a blog for quite some time... for some reason I kept on delaying it, but I shall delay no longer!
The idea of starting a blog grew from the fact that I always have my camera on me and take so many pictures, but the vast majority of them go unseen. Then thoughts started to build upon each other. Thoughts like "having a blog would serve a perfect median for me to collect my thoughts and be able to see the changes" or "having a blog would require me to use my noggin to actually construct sentences and take more pictures."
... WHY should these thoughts fill my mind?! To toss all these nonsense thoughts out of my head I've decided to just get into blogging and see where it takes me...

I'll share a picture to kick start it all...
If I was superstitious I would make sure that I had some super-fabulous pictures for my first post so all things that follow will be even-more-super-fabulous... Fact is I'm not... So here it goes.

My first self-knitted scarf. Although it's still summer, I'm armed for winter. :)

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  1. That red scarf is lovely! the vibrant colour is just beautiful.I love knitting, but I never had the patient to finish a scarf. Good job!! xD
    How long did it take you to finish this??


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