Wednesday, November 16, 2011


So, this past weekend I went to go see the Aziatix show & the after party in my local area, Washington DC!

To those that don't know who they are, Aziatix is a Korean-American trio composed of the talented artists Eddie Shin, Flowsik and Nicky Lee. And let me just put it out there that they are amazing live -- & boy do I love it when artists are good live! :)

Left to right from the pic above: Flowsik, Eddie Shin, Nicky Lee
Flowsik updating his twitter lol

Okay, so total phone camera fail in this last picture with Nicky Lee.. meh. ;;

Now, I think I have to share their music videos here for those that don't know them to make this post complete!

Alrigghhtt, & dorkie me, this last picture pretty much sums up how I felt this past Saturday. Good beats, good music, with good company :) Hope everyone has a good week! An update soon to come with my new clutch that I carried here ;]



Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Evening out in the city

I went to go see Shear Madness this weekend and might I say it was quite enjoyable! While out, I decided to stay out the rest of the night in the city which called for a bit of walking. Walking in the colder weather? Perfect time to finally dig out the scarf that I had finished knitting back in the summer! I also pulled the suede boots I bought and showed in the last post!

Anyone like Bobby Flay? I ate at Bobby's Burger Palace. A pretty good eat with a variety of different things.
The most note worthy part of my meal would have to be my spiked milkshake! Mocha Kahlua Milkshake.

And a round of drinks at a bar in the city to close the night!

Hope everyone had a good weekend~ :)

<3 Sooj