Wednesday, November 16, 2011


So, this past weekend I went to go see the Aziatix show & the after party in my local area, Washington DC!

To those that don't know who they are, Aziatix is a Korean-American trio composed of the talented artists Eddie Shin, Flowsik and Nicky Lee. And let me just put it out there that they are amazing live -- & boy do I love it when artists are good live! :)

Left to right from the pic above: Flowsik, Eddie Shin, Nicky Lee
Flowsik updating his twitter lol

Okay, so total phone camera fail in this last picture with Nicky Lee.. meh. ;;

Now, I think I have to share their music videos here for those that don't know them to make this post complete!

Alrigghhtt, & dorkie me, this last picture pretty much sums up how I felt this past Saturday. Good beats, good music, with good company :) Hope everyone has a good week! An update soon to come with my new clutch that I carried here ;]



Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Evening out in the city

I went to go see Shear Madness this weekend and might I say it was quite enjoyable! While out, I decided to stay out the rest of the night in the city which called for a bit of walking. Walking in the colder weather? Perfect time to finally dig out the scarf that I had finished knitting back in the summer! I also pulled the suede boots I bought and showed in the last post!

Anyone like Bobby Flay? I ate at Bobby's Burger Palace. A pretty good eat with a variety of different things.
The most note worthy part of my meal would have to be my spiked milkshake! Mocha Kahlua Milkshake.

And a round of drinks at a bar in the city to close the night!

Hope everyone had a good weekend~ :)

<3 Sooj

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Suede shoes

I'm not the worlds most careful person especially when it comes to shoes on my feet so I always strayed away from suede shoes, but I really just can't help myself this year as the weather gets cooler! Here are my two recent purchases of suede shoes.
The boots on the left from Express and the pumps on the right from BCBG.

And I went to go see a musical, Les Miserables, and I had to pop out one of my new shoes. I matched my new BCBG pumps with a velvet dress also from BCBG. Here's my look~

Stay warm and be careful of the cold!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Vegas Part 2

So I'm slacking on this posting deal! Disappointed in myself I am. I need to step up my game. Well, I said I'd post the rest of my Vegas pictures, so that is exactly what I'll do. Here are the long overdue pictures.

The Encore really had a thing for butterflies.
At the Bellagio! The garden here was very pretty~ Probably the best free attraction in Vegas.
The Cafe at the Wynn... I think I practically lived here during my stay ;p
The chandelier-like theme inside the Cosmopolitan - so pretty!
The Lion King Musical.. For those that like musicals and/or Disney, this is highly recommended!

I resorted to this place as my drink fix. You buy a souvenir cup and then refills are cheaper... And they're in a few different hotels. So those who are going to go to Vegas and need an alcohol fix, this is one of your options ;p

Ah, now that concludes my Vegas updates.
Until next time, Chao. :)