Thursday, August 18, 2011

Miu Miu

Back to reality from Vegas and I miss it already! Well, it was fun while it lasted.

My favorite purchase that I made while in Vegas would be this Miu Miu bracelet from the Miu Miu store in City Center.

Champagne & water while I shop? Yes please! :)

It can be expected to see this bracelet on me quite a bit for a while ;p

More/Actual Vegas pictures are to come in what I think will be several batches - I still have to make sense of the many pictures I took. ;p

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Brown circle lenses

Like I had said earlier, I got new circle lenses and like I had promised, I am making a post on them.
I got the Geo's Bambi Princess Mimi in Chocolate Brown.

I was pleasantly surprised when I put these on because they have this orange-ish tint that almost looks pink at times. The lighting plays tricks with these lenses. People have asked me several times, "what color are your lenses?"
Well, as usual, I'll just let the pictures do the talking. :)

Without flash, indoors

With flash, indoors

Without flash, natural light (rainy day)

And a full face picture to see the lenses further away. (Indoors, low light, flash)

And now, I am counting the hours before I leave for Vegas and I can't keep my hands off my new toy, which, of course, I will be taking with me to Vegas!

Nikon D5100

I foresee some picture heavy posts of Vegas coming in the near future! ;]

Well, until then, cheerio~
& have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Ever go shopping looking for something in particular, but come home with everything but that? Yeah, today was one of those days for me.
Since I'm going to Vegas next week, I went shopping for some clothes to keep me cool in the hot 100+ weather, but came home with Michael Kors dress pants and BCBG sandals. Hey, at least I can take the sandals with me! ;p

Speaking of Vegas, I am still at loss for what to do in Vegas.
Problem? A bit. Anyone have any ideas for me??!

Anyways, what I bought.

Since this is my first "shopping" post, it's not readily apparent, but I've been into braided details lately, so I couldn't pass these sale BCBG braid-strapped sandals! Super comfy to the point where I don't even have to break them in. YAY! I love comfortable shoes!

I'm not particularly fond of the classic black dress pants so I love love love it when I find black dress pants that are a little different, like these! These are skinny around the ankles, fold over at the top and are buttoned through the folds which gives a slightly slouched look in the crotch area. This picture doesn't do it justice and my description probably doesn't either. I'll have to wear them out one day and take pictures to make up for it. ;p

So that makes two posts I've put a rain check on!:
a post on my newer brown circle lenses and a post with my new MK dress pants.