Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lunch at Michel's

Excuse my lackluster expression and the wrinkles on my dress. I love this blush pink Michael Kor's dress, but it just seems to get wrinkled more easily than I thought it would and it wasn't necessarily a good pick for my long day. Nonetheless, the wrinkles didn't stop me from having a good day... or a good eat :)

I went out to Michel's, one of my more preferred places to go out for lunch.
Their desserts never fail to disappoint! I had the Yellowtail Carpacchio for the first time and it is absolutely amazing (3rd picutre)! <3
Something is so rewarding about going out to lunch especially if you've gone through a long morning. Unlike when you go out to dinner, when you walk out and you still have the whole day ahead of you... Given the circumstances, this could be a thing to dread or a thing to anticipate. Fortunately, my situation is the latter of the two. And how can I not have a good day after eating well? :)

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