Thursday, October 27, 2011

Suede shoes

I'm not the worlds most careful person especially when it comes to shoes on my feet so I always strayed away from suede shoes, but I really just can't help myself this year as the weather gets cooler! Here are my two recent purchases of suede shoes.
The boots on the left from Express and the pumps on the right from BCBG.

And I went to go see a musical, Les Miserables, and I had to pop out one of my new shoes. I matched my new BCBG pumps with a velvet dress also from BCBG. Here's my look~

Stay warm and be careful of the cold!


  1. Great shoes!

  2. The pumps are gorgeous! And yeh suede is definitely getting more popular. Your dress looks great. The back is cool :)

  3. I love the shoes. I normally don't like suede but these are cute.

  4. you look soooo pretty!

    xoxo Wengie


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