Saturday, October 8, 2011

Vegas Part 2

So I'm slacking on this posting deal! Disappointed in myself I am. I need to step up my game. Well, I said I'd post the rest of my Vegas pictures, so that is exactly what I'll do. Here are the long overdue pictures.

The Encore really had a thing for butterflies.
At the Bellagio! The garden here was very pretty~ Probably the best free attraction in Vegas.
The Cafe at the Wynn... I think I practically lived here during my stay ;p
The chandelier-like theme inside the Cosmopolitan - so pretty!
The Lion King Musical.. For those that like musicals and/or Disney, this is highly recommended!

I resorted to this place as my drink fix. You buy a souvenir cup and then refills are cheaper... And they're in a few different hotels. So those who are going to go to Vegas and need an alcohol fix, this is one of your options ;p

Ah, now that concludes my Vegas updates.
Until next time, Chao. :)


  1. Vegas looks so lively! Did you get much sleep? You look great in your photos too. Love the shirt you're wearing :)

  2. this looks like sooo much fun!

  3. Looks like you had a great time!

    I am your new follower!



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