Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blue circle lenses

I can't lie. I love circle lenses.
Ever since I started to wear them, 4 years ago, I always got more subtle colors like brown, grey, and black.
After 4 years, I decided that I needed some change! With the excuse of needing a more summery look, I ordered a pair of blue circle lenses: Geo's Xtra Forest Blue, model WT-B62.

In my personal opinion, I think these lenses look much nicer further away than close up. I like the blue-ish sparkle effect they give my eyes, but given that these lenses are a bold blue color and one-tone, they don't blend into my dark brown eyes and this is readily apparent close up.
But really, people don't talk to me all up in my face (or rather, eyes), so this isn't really a problem.
I'll let the pictures do the talking :)

Taken under a stronger light indoors.

Taken under softer light indoors.

Taken under softer lighting outside (obviously in the car).


  1. I find these to be quite beautiful on you! The blue isn't as loud as I would expect, but not dull either. The design is SO pretty, I love these on you >w< And you're super duper GORGEOUS as well! I'm really looking forward to reading more blog posts, the pictures are great :D

  2. Great blog so far! Your photos are lovely :)

  3. Ohh my god, you are looking so cute by wearing these blue circle lenses, I just love the color.


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