Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hair cut

I am having the hardest time growing out my hair. I get in trouble every time I walk into the hair salon and I know it, but for some strange reason I keep on going. I'm going to blame it on the mid-length-hair-requires-constant-trims syndrome. Bleh!

Ah, and as it may or may not go by unnoticed, I have different circle lenses on here. A post dedicated to them is to come in the near future!


  1. OMG YOUR ENTIRE OUTFIT IS ACTUALLY AMAZING! :) love it! Thanks for commenting back btw :)

  2. I really love this outfit! :) especially your bag... michael kors right?! following your blog now! :D

  3. Again, your shoes and pants are the best things ever. ^__^y Helllaa cute outfit though, like everyone else said!

    x Zuga


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