Thursday, August 18, 2011

Miu Miu

Back to reality from Vegas and I miss it already! Well, it was fun while it lasted.

My favorite purchase that I made while in Vegas would be this Miu Miu bracelet from the Miu Miu store in City Center.

Champagne & water while I shop? Yes please! :)

It can be expected to see this bracelet on me quite a bit for a while ;p

More/Actual Vegas pictures are to come in what I think will be several batches - I still have to make sense of the many pictures I took. ;p


  1. OMG it's sooo cute!! <33 AND they serve champagne? Wow :OO The packaging and bag are super pretty too <3

    Oh yes I'll be SUPER careful with my lenses!! I have a very bad habit of rubbing and scratching at my eyes when they're itchy even when I know full well to just leave them alone. =w=; Eeek I'm afraid I'll do something like that too, I'm super clumsy ;o; I can't exactly hide my eyes either at work since I have to wear a hat to keep my hair out of my face *sigh* I hope that doesn't happen to me or people will probably think I'm working drunk or something ^^;;;;

    I'll let you know how the bath salts are!! I'm super excited to try them out too :D

    Yayyy I can't wait to see your Vegas shots! I haven't been to Las Vegas since I was like, 10? loll

  2. Really love MiuMiu's packaging. Royal treatment is a plus!

  3. miu miu? Classsyy. Show us more vegas photos! :)


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