Saturday, August 13, 2011

Brown circle lenses

Like I had said earlier, I got new circle lenses and like I had promised, I am making a post on them.
I got the Geo's Bambi Princess Mimi in Chocolate Brown.

I was pleasantly surprised when I put these on because they have this orange-ish tint that almost looks pink at times. The lighting plays tricks with these lenses. People have asked me several times, "what color are your lenses?"
Well, as usual, I'll just let the pictures do the talking. :)

Without flash, indoors

With flash, indoors

Without flash, natural light (rainy day)

And a full face picture to see the lenses further away. (Indoors, low light, flash)

And now, I am counting the hours before I leave for Vegas and I can't keep my hands off my new toy, which, of course, I will be taking with me to Vegas!

Nikon D5100

I foresee some picture heavy posts of Vegas coming in the near future! ;]

Well, until then, cheerio~
& have a good weekend everyone!


  1. LOVE those contacts! it's kind of light brownish but a little pink at the same time. sounds a little funny but it looks so gorgeous. Congrats on the camera... I really want one! :'(

  2. I want these circle lens! They are all the rave now aren't they? Well they look very nice on you! Looking forward to future posts! And I want a camera like yours for myself! haha maybe in the future :P

    my blog here:

    **btw I will be following your blog from now on ;D

  3. These look SOOOO good on you! <3 I've been eyeing the rest of the series for ages now, but I just can't decide! I really wanted the Sesame Greys, but as more and more reviews were popping up for Chocolate I wanted those, and then I saw Noxin's review for the Almonds and now I want those too~!! But stupid me bought the Apple Greens. whut? XDD

    Ohhhh my boyfriend has the D5000! I love it :D You're gonna have SOOO much fun taking pictures with your new camera, I'm jelly! I really want to get my own dslr someday~ have fun in Vegas gorgeous!!! <3


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